So around late May 2019 following my pretty damning review of Falcon (for those who have no idea what i’m talking about please see below link) I received a message from somebody on Instagram showing me a bit of pity as they’d just read said blog.

Richard (@abletrading on Instagram) messaged me saying how he’d read the blog, and felt like i’d been mugged off and manipulated. He too had grown to detest the fake educators taking advantage of the naive on social media.

That was pretty cool to have somebody on the same wavelength and felt sorry for me (not that I crave attention) rather than cast my opinion down the toilet like many other falcon students did and immediately assumed I was just bad at applying the strategy. The truth is like poetry, most people fucking hate it.

Anyway I digress, Richard gave me a proposition. He had been steadily building a course together over the past year, and wanted to try mentoring me 1 on 1, to see if he was able to turn somebody into a profitable, consistent trader. As cliche as it sounds, it worked.

I agreed to explore the idea with him, and suggested we met up for an informal chat, half so I could try suss him out, and half so that if we were to proceed we’d have a bit more of an amicable partnership.

We met up in North London for a beer, and just chatted for a couple of hours about previous experiences with trading, frustrations with its portrayal online etc etc. Needless to say we hit it off pretty quickly as he ran a company in the building sector for years (for those that don’t know that is the industry I currently still work full time in). We agreed that he’d mentor me, and if all went well and he was able to pull it off, i’d do him a good write up. Again those that know me know I have a huge bullshit / cynical detector and if I ever found a shred of shit / discrepancies i’d be straight online exposing it.

My main question to Richard was could he verify his track record in trading. His answer to this was quite a different way of looking at it. He said he would be more than happy to provide broker statements / whatever proof I’d want, however he wanted to see whether I could prove to myself that what he taught me would work.

This was almost a self reinforcing idea as over the next few months we skyped once a week to go over progression, trades taken, refinement methods etc etc. The reason I say self reinforcing is that as we discussed various trades, he began teaching me about how correlations across multiple assets play a big role, news / fundamentals etc also being a key factor. This again puts the thought into your head that, this person is legit as he’s accurately calling the market day after day, stating that sentiment is X today, so trying to short AUDJPY will be like pissing in the wind.

Additionally, mine and many other peoples quest to verify if somebody is a legit trader is a bit of a frivolous task isn’t it when you think about it. Say you find a genuinely profitable trader, and they prove they make money consistently. That doesn’t mean you’re going to make money does it? Say Lewis Hamilton teaches you to drive, doesn’t mean you’ll join him in F1.

The strategy he calls the able method, because it is essentially that, a method, not a strategy you just apply without any context.

The able method is a series of conditions which must be met, and then aligned with other discretionary biases such as higher timeframes, correlations etc. It uses price action and a number of indicators to build a thesis for a position, and then you’ve got to be able to execute it with no emotion. Rinse and Repeat.

So anyway, it’s been 2 months now, I’ve had 5 live trades I believe, and so far *knock on wood* i’ve had a 100% strike rate. This is mainly because me and Rich talk on telegram daily about trades and ideas etc (I believe this will be made available to others in the not too distant future), and as i’m still finding my feet i’ve suggested a few trades and he’s advised not to based on XYZ reasons (all of which have been valid and spared me from wasting my capital). I’m not blowing smoke up his arse or anything as i’m sure there will come a few times when the trade just plays out anyway, but that’s not what he’s taught me. He’s taught me to look for A+ setups where you literally can’t find a good reason not to take the trade. This i agree with is probably the best method to apply for confidence.

I’m still waiting for my end of month broker statement to come through, and then i’ll be starting a google docs account with an excel tracker and copies of my broker statements on there for anybody to view. This is mainly for my own benefit as it’ll instil some responsibility into me, but also for anybody thinking i’m selling out and trying to peddle courses…

I know this is another cliche but I finally feel like it’s all coming together, and that something has switched in my mentality where i’ve basically gone “right lets fucking do this properly stop getting in your own damn way and let’s get a consistent record together to build a career on.”

Think what you will, but I’ve never been this adamant that i’m going to make this into a full time career.

Happy Friday all

2 thoughts on “CHAPTER 17 – ABLE TRADING

  1. Been reading your blog since since you reviewed falcon. I also feel the same about these scammers. I was following some of their members on yt and IG hannah forex and mike bamber, although never felt for their bullshit and never bought their course it’s still fun to follow them and notice this pattern like you said of a “cult”… man these people are brainwashed as fuck. Keep it up with the blog, i’m really interested in your progression as a trader. I kind of feel that once you get a big enough following base you’ll start selling courses yourself…just joking😀.


    1. Hi Chris, thankyou for the good words! glad somebody finds these interesting haha, by the time ive got a big enough following base i’ll be too old anyway hahaha


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